Will Shortz http://northernpublicradio.org en Oh, You Know The Answer http://northernpublicradio.org/post/oh-you-know-answer <strong>On-air challenge:</strong> Every answer is a compound word or familiar two-word phrase or title in which each word has OU as its second and third letters. Example: Given "heading to Antarctica," you would say, "Southbound."<p><strong>Next week's challenge:</strong> From 11-year-old listener Eli Shear-Baggish of Arlington, Mass. Name a certain trip that contains the letter S. Change the S to a C and rearrange the resulting letters. You'll name the location where this trip often takes place. Sun, 22 Jun 2014 13:09:43 +0000 Will Shortz 49475 at http://northernpublicradio.org Oh, You Know The Answer Floating Down The Anagram River http://northernpublicradio.org/post/floating-down-anagram-river <strong>On-air challenge:</strong> Today's puzzle is geographical. Every answer is the name of a river — identify it using its anagram minus a letter. Example: Top minus T = Po (River).<p><strong>Last Week's Challenge:</strong> Name part of a TV that contains the letter C. Replace the C with the name of a book of the Old Testament, keeping all the letters in order. The result will name a sailing vessel of old. Sun, 15 Jun 2014 13:01:44 +0000 Will Shortz 49107 at http://northernpublicradio.org Floating Down The Anagram River Perfectly Puzzling http://northernpublicradio.org/post/perfectly-puzzling <strong>On-air challenge</strong><strong>: </strong>You will be given two words starting with the letter P. Name a third word starting with P that can follow the first one and precede the second one, in each case to complete a familiar two-word phrase. For example, given "peer" and "point," you would say "pressure," as in "peer pressure" and "pressure point."<p><strong>Last week's challenge from listener Brian Greer of Portland, Ore.: </strong>Name two parts of the human body, 10 letters in all. Place their names one after the other. Sun, 03 Mar 2013 18:49:23 +0000 Will Shortz 26303 at http://northernpublicradio.org Perfectly Puzzling