2013 Summer Book Series http://northernpublicradio.org en NIU Author's`Obsession': What Makes Memories True? http://northernpublicradio.org/post/niu-authorsobsession-what-makes-memories-true <p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>Rock 'n roll author <a href="http://www.nosuchthingaswas.com/" target="_blank">Joe Bonomo</a> has written books about AC/DC, Jerry Lee Lewis and The Fleshtones. His latest book, however, is a collection of essays about his childhood in Wheaton, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C.</p> Wed, 26 Jun 2013 11:24:33 +0000 Dan Klefstad 31931 at http://northernpublicradio.org NIU Author's`Obsession': What Makes Memories True? Novel Highlights Small-Town Boosters And Naysayers http://northernpublicradio.org/post/novel-highlights-small-town-boosters-and-naysayers <p></p><p>"If you're from a small town," <a href="http://www.chrisfinkfiction.com/" target="_blank">Chris Fink</a> says, "one of the things that's required of you is that you have an opinion about that town."</p><p></p><p>Fink's debut novel, <em>Farmer's Almanac</em>, is full of characters who criticize or defend the Wisconsin villages of Bergamot Pond and Shady Valley -- fictional communities that struggle with the very real challenge of low milk prices.</p> Wed, 19 Jun 2013 11:25:23 +0000 Dan Klefstad 31659 at http://northernpublicradio.org Novel Highlights Small-Town Boosters And Naysayers Poetic Justice For Billy the Kid? http://northernpublicradio.org/post/poetic-justice-billy-kid <p></p><p>A picture may be worth a thousand words. But how many of us write down the words inspired by an iconic photograph, such as this one of Billy the Kid?</p><p>NIU poet <a href="http://www.engl.niu.edu/people_details.php?pid=16" target="_blank">John Bradley</a> is familiar with this photo, the only authenticated image of the Wild West outlaw.</p><p>"I've studied that many times," Bradley said. "I think it's just one of the things a writer needs to feed the imagination."</p> Wed, 12 Jun 2013 12:28:53 +0000 Dan Klefstad 31283 at http://northernpublicradio.org Poetic Justice For Billy the Kid? 'Are We There Yet?' Memoir Recalls Family Vacations http://northernpublicradio.org/post/are-we-there-yet-memoir-recalls-family-vacations <p></p><p></p><p>450 miles. That's the distance Marnie Mamminga's family traveled every summer from suburban Chicago to their cabin in northwest Wisconsin.</p><p>Mamminga recalls the cabin, and the long journey it took to get there, in her latest book <em>Return to Wake Robin: One Cabin in the Heyday of Northwoods Resorts</em>.</p><p>In the 1950s, America's Interstate highways weren't completed, so Illinois families headed "Up North" drove rural roads for much of the trip.</p> Wed, 05 Jun 2013 11:23:59 +0000 Dan Klefstad 30917 at http://northernpublicradio.org 'Are We There Yet?' Memoir Recalls Family Vacations