shooting en Hasan Found Guilty On All Counts <p style="box-sizing: border-box; margin-right: 115.484375px; margin-bottom: 1.3em; margin-left: auto; padding: 0px 15px; border: 0px; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 1.6rem; line-height: 1.5; vertical-align: baseline; float: none; position: static; min-height: 1px; width: 690px; color: rgb(17, 17, 17); max-width: 690px;">A military jury has returned a guilty verdict against Maj. Nidal Hasan, the U.S. Army psychiatrist accused in the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood, has been convicted on all counts.</p><p> Fri, 23 Aug 2013 18:19:10 +0000 Scott Neuman 35062 at Hasan Found Guilty On All Counts 1 Marathon Bomb Suspect Said To Be Dead; Hunt On For Other <p>(We most recently updated this post at 7:56 a.m. ET. <a href="" target="_self"><u><font color="#0066cc">See this note</font></u></a> about how we cover news such as this.)</p> Fri, 19 Apr 2013 10:22:54 +0000 NPR News 28591 at State Police Searching For 'Armed And Dangerous' Suspect Near Rockford <p>Illinois State Police and other police agencies are still looking for 22-year-old Kody&nbsp;R. Walsh of Rockford. He's the suspect in a shooting death inside a vehicle on the Illinois tollway near South Beloit early Sunday morning.&nbsp;</p><p> Sun, 09 Sep 2012 17:11:05 +0000 Susan Stephens 18101 at State Police Searching For 'Armed And Dangerous' Suspect Near Rockford Two dead in Sycamore hospital shooting <p>Sycamore police say it appears one or both &nbsp;of the two people found dead in a Sycamore hospital Tuesday died of self-inflicted gun shot wounds. The bodies of a man and a woman were discovered in a patient's room after shots were heard in Kindred Hospital, an acute care facility.&nbsp;</p><p> Wed, 05 Sep 2012 03:36:42 +0000 Susan Stephens 17854 at Two dead in Sycamore hospital shooting President Obama visits Colorado in wake of shooting <p>The scene was reverent at Sunday&#39;s vigil for the victims of Friday&#39;s mass shooting in Colorado. Applause broke out through the standing throngs as military personnel made their way to the front. Twelve lit candles were placed along the edge of a large metal sculpture in front of the crowd to honor the 12 who lost their lives at the Century 16 movie theater, as well-armed snipers stood on the tops of buildings nearby.</p> Mon, 23 Jul 2012 09:29:05 +0000 Mike Moen & NPR 15368 at President Obama visits Colorado in wake of shooting UPDATE: Arrest in NIU shooting <p>A nineteen-year-old man from Markham, Illinois has been arrested in this morning&#39;s shooting death of a Northern Illinois University student. Chaz Thrailkill was arrested late this morning in DeKalb, more than eight hours after the shooting near campus. Thrailkill is charged with first degree murder and is being held on three million dollars bond in the DeKalb County Jail.</p> Wed, 23 Nov 2011 20:39:29 +0000 Susan Stephens 2661 at Fatal shooting <h6 class="uiStreamMessage" data-ft="{&quot;type&quot;:1}"><span class="messageBody" data-ft="{&quot;type&quot;:3}">A Northern Illinois University student is dead following an off-campus shooting early this morning.&nbsp; Wed, 23 Nov 2011 10:36:24 +0000 Mike Moen 2622 at