Biden Urges Illini Men To 'Show Courage'

Apr 24, 2015
@VP on Twitter

Vice President Joe Biden told students on the University of Illinois Urbana campus Thursday that preventing sexual assault is a shared responsibility.

Biden used an emotional, almost evangelical tone to urge about 1,500 students to "show courage" and “be the man you were raised to be.”

"By the way gentlemen, silence is a form of approval. Inaction is a form of cowardice," he said. "Speaking up takes courage." 

The crowd cheered for the Vice President in the gym of one of the campus' recreation centers.

Biden voiced anger at those who commit sexual assault.


Low-level marijuana users may soon catch a break in Illinois. Rather than going to jail, it would be more like getting a speeding ticket.

The repercussions for having pot vary; Rep. Kelly Cassidy, D-Chicago, says there are more than 100 different local ordinances all over the state.

An architectural rendering of the proposed Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which may be built on Chicago's lakefront. Credit LMNA Architecture Renderings / Lucas Museum of Narrative Art press kit

The force of the Illinois legislature is behind bringing George Lucas's museum and Barack Obama's presidential library to Chicago.

A measure to ward off legal problems that could prevent the Star Wars creator's museum and the President's library from being located in Chicago first popped up Wednesday evening. 

Less than 24 hours later, it's on the way to the governor. It's supposed to take at three days at minimum for that to happen.

But this measure had support from leaders like House Speaker Michael Madigan.

FLICKR User Jim Bowen

There's a hold-up over efforts to save programs dealing with autism and drug prevention from ending in Illinois. It seems like advocates should be celebrating.

After Gov. Bruce Rauner says he was forced to earlier this month suddenly pull $26 million worth of state grants, the Illinois Senate used the legislative version of searching under the couch cushions for change.

Illinois lawmakers are trying to help bring President Barack Obama's library and George Lucas' proposed museum to Chicago.

A Senate committee approved a measure to ensure the city has legal authority to build on park land. Its sponsor -- Democratic Sen. Kwame Raoul -- introduced the measure yesterday.

“The bill also makes clear that previously submerged land can be used for museums,” Raoul said. “And that provision is in the bill to address a question raised by a federal judge in ongoing litigation.”

A Stillman Valley man who came to help a Fairdale tornado victim allegedly stayed to loot donations.

DeKalb County Sheriff officials say Richard Burtch initially came into Fairdale to help a family member clean up their house that had been destroyed during the tornado. However, Burtch kept coming back and appeared to gather more supplies for himself after the debris was removed.

Lincoln Was Here: Connecting The Dots In Northern Illinois

Apr 22, 2015
Susan Stephens / WNIJ

Abraham Lincoln died 150 years ago. He was shot while attending a play at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. Tourists to Illinois often head to Springfield to learn more about the 16th President. That’s not the only place to learn about his life and legacy. Susan Stephens and Jenna Dooley set out to trace his steps across northern Illinois.

Susan Stephens / WNIJ

Now in its 20th year, this statewide list from the group Landmarks Illinois "calls attention to threatened historic resources in need of assistance in the form of responsible stewardship, creative reuse plans, and/or advances in public policy."

A news release issued this week finds "the slow economic recovery, state budget crisis, and a lack of available financing continue to challenge historic sites throughout Illinois."


Patients with certain illnesses are on their way to being able to use medical marijuana in Illinois, but time is running out.

Illinois' medical marijuana program is set to continue for another two and a half years. Sick people haven't even been able to legally buy cannabis yet.

Democratic Rep. Lou Lang says that wasn't his intent; he'd wanted the program to last twice that long. Lang blames a delay in Illinois awarding licenses to firms to grow and sell cannabis.

A proposal to stop the creation of new specialty license plates has been approved by the Illinois House.

The sponsor -- Democratic Rep. John D'Amico of Chicago -- says it will help identify vehicles better. He says many Illinois drivers receive tickets that aren't theirs, especially from iPass computers misidentifying the plates.