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Thursday was the second of ten scheduled special sessions for the Illinois Legislature called by the governor to address the lack of a budget.

At least one northern Illinois lawmaker believes that the ball is not in his court, for the moment. State Sen. Steve Stadelman, D-Rockford, says that -- as far as he and his colleagues are concerned -- they’ve done their job, and people wanting action on the budget should look to the House and the governor.

Illinois Secretary Of State Rethinks Stepping Down

Jun 22, 2017

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White seems to be having second thoughts about stepping down from office.

White announced two years ago that he would not run again.

The 82-year-old White sent a surrogate Thursday to address a room full of Cook County Democratic Party officials.

Chicago Alderman Walter Burnett read a letter from White.

“There have been calls, emails, resolutions urging him to run,” he said. “He asked me to tell you today that he has heard the calls and is taking those requests very seriously, although he has not yet finalized a decision.”

Illinois Secretary of State

The Ogle County Board has denied a special-use permit for B&C Kennel to open a facility at 14189 E. Dutch Road in White Rock Township. 

Notre Dame Magazine

A bronze sculpture inspired by a 1964 civil rights rally in Chicago was unveiled Wednesday in South Bend, Ind.

The sculpture was modeled after a photograph of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the late University of Notre Dame President Rev. Theodore Hesburgh at a civil rights rally in Soldier Field which Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and a local archbishop had refused to attend the rally. 

It depicts King and Hesburgh joining hands to sing the rally's anthem, "We Shall Overcome."   

A national girls' soccer tournament is expected to bring 7,400 visitors and $2.52 million in economic impact to the Rockford area starting today.

The Elite Clubs National League Tournament will feature 224 all-girl soccer teams from across the country in three groups up to 19 years of age through June 27 at Mercyhealth Sportscore Two in Loves Park.

ECNL is the largest female youth soccer league in the country. Around 70% of the participants are expected to earn scholarships from college and professional scouts at the tournament.