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Experts blame the long-standing problem on discrimination, especially the "inadequate, inequitable'' education funding system.

The unemployment rate for African-Americans is higher in Illinois than in any other state in the nation.

And Illinois has been among the states with the highest black unemployment rate nearly every quarter since 2016.

Nowhere in the United States can a person working full time at minimum wage afford a simple two-bedroom apartment. While that is a problem in itself, it raises concerns far beyond just having a place to live. In this week’s Friday Forum, WNIJ’s Victor Yehling looks at details of the situation in Illinois and Wisconsin and possible resolutions.


With the temperature reaching well into the 90s this weekend comes greater risk for heat related illness. 

Extreme heat and humidity can push the body to its limits, causing heat cramps and exhaustion. The DeKalb Fire Department says residents of urban areas are at a much greater risk. High heat hazards include:

-Heat Cramps: Muscle pain and spasms caused by heavy exertion. While not often severe, they are can be the first sign that the body is having trouble with heat.


 The Illinois Labor Relations Board is moving forward with giving step increases to unionized state workers.


Step increases are automatic raises that workers receive sometime during the first decade of their careers. About 15,000 union members are eligible for the increases.

Sessions from Studio A - V.V. Lightbody

Jun 14, 2018
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V.V. Lightbody performs "Gaze" in WNIJ's Studio A.

V.V. Lightbody performs "Fig Leaves" in WNIJ's Studio A.

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