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A measure pending in the Illinois legislature would help high school students know what kind of college credit to expect for their advanced placement test scores.

High school students taking AP exams know they have to score at least a three on a five-point scale to pass, but they don't know which Illinois universities will give them credit for that score.

A score of three on a Biology test might earn college credit at Western Illinois University, for example, but not at Illinois State. Same goes for all 34 AP tests across all Illinois universities.  

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Tornado sirens are for people who are outdoors. For everyone else, there are a lot of options these days when it comes to staying on top of weather emergencies. Northern Illinois University meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste says the key word is “redundancy.”

President Obama's presidential library will be in Chicago, his foundation announced on Tuesday.

"The future Presidential Center will include the library, museum, as well as office and activity space for the Foundation to inspire and engage citizens here and globally," the foundation said in a press release.

From Chicago, NPR's Cheryl Corley reports:

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Illinois forfeited 13,000 pages of documents to attorneys who are challenging how the state awarded one medical marijuana business license.

This is the first release of this kind of material, but the records remain closed to journalists and the general public. The disclosure could soon shed light on the secretive process.

The records include applications from five companies that competed for a grower’s permit in a region covering Kankakee County.

The case is one of several similar lawsuits that are being closely watched by the new marijuana industry.

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Megan Fitzgerald lives near the large-scale hog farm under construction near Wenona.

“I’m actually one of the closest residents to the Sandy Creek and this proposed hog facility, less than a mile away,” Fitzgerald said.

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An Illinois state representative says gambling expansion is more likely to pass the legislature this month.

That’s after the state Supreme Court struck down a plan last week that deals with Illinois’ $100 billion dollar pension debt.

State Representative Bob Rita says more casinos in Illinois - including Rockford and Chicago - could help raise some much-needed money.

“I would believe now that revenue is more of a need today than it was last week. Here is an area that we could generate revenue, it’s just a matter of how do we get there.”

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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has appointed an Elgin man as chairman of the Illinois Housing Development Authority.  Joseph P. Galvan, a former candidate for mayor of the city, is a veteran in the field.

Durbin Requests EPA To Hurry On Ethanol Standards

May 11, 2015

Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin says the Environmental Protection Agency is taking too long to set minimum levels for the production of Ethanol and Biodiesel. 

Durbin joined several other Senators in pushing the EPA to set levels - that are nearly three years past due.

By statute, the EPA is responsible for setting the minimum number of barrels of renewable motor-fuels that must be allowed into a marketplace dominated by petroleum companies.  

Durbin says the biofuels industry is critical on several basic levels.

A Cary-Grove High School student has a confirmed case of bacterial meningitis. 

The McHenry County Health Department notified the high school district. The department is now contacting people who might have been in close contact with the student and referring them to their primary physician for treatment as a precautionary measure.

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The Illinois senate recently passed a measure that would provide free GED tests and college tuition to people who have been wrongfully imprisoned. 

The grants would require legislative appropriation, and recipients would have to obtain a certificate of innocence from the circuit court. 

Dan Kotowski is a Chicago Democrat who sponsored the plan.