Great Lakes Basin Transportation Inc.

Hundreds of Winnebago Township residents protested the latest proposal for the Great Lakes Basin Railroad.

The 260-mile route would pass through several parts of Winnebago County in order to bypass Chicago freight traffic.  However, the Rockford Register-Star reports residents are concerned the route could pass through their farmland or have a negative effect on wildlife. 

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Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex displayed at Chicago’s Field Museum, didn’t use its tiny arms very often.  That’s the initial conclusion from a study by the Argonne National Laboratory. 

Researchers scanned the arm bones to generate a 3D image down to the cellular level.  Associate Dinosaur Curator Pete Makovicky says the image doesn't show many signs of stress on the bones that would indicate frequent use.  


Some observers say U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan has the worst of both worlds by not defending Donald Trump, or rescinding his endorsement.

But during a stop in Normal, U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk says Ryan did enough to distance himself from Trump and the candidate’s comments about women.

"It is, I think. I have told publicly Donald Trump to shut the hell up with regard to Speaker Ryan. I don't think attacking your fellow Republicans is a way to build bridges in Washington."

Visitors to Rochelle this weekend will have a chance to see some unusual artwork in a field next to the city’s high school.  It’s an appropriate venue, because the material used is often found in a field.  It’s the first U.S. National Straw Sculpting Competition.

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The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra performs "Triple S" in WNIJ's Studio A.

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