Hundreds of law enforcement personnel -- including troopers, deputies and officers -- gathered Monday in the Quad Cities to celebrate renaming the Centennial Bridge, connecting Rock Island with Davenport. 

  The Master Sgt. Stanley Talbot Memorial Bridge honors a man who was killed at the foot of the bridge in Rock Island in 2001 during a roadside safety check.

NIU Lee Schreiner collection

Lee Schreiner of Rockford doesn’t play the piano or sing. He’s a physics teacher with multiple degrees from Northern Illinois University. But his hobby of collecting wartime sheet music has grown over the years.

“I thought maybe I could collect like a hundred sheets," he admits. "Then it was a thousand. Then it was five thousand. It’s amazing and almost unexplored territory because people had not done a lot of research on World War I. I'm trying to understand the history through the music.”

Flickr user Brent Hoard "ECU School of Education Class Room" (CC BY 2.0)

A northern Illinois community college is taking steps to make textbooks more affordable for students.

McHenry County College said the school could save the student body an estimated $400,000 on textbooks per school year.

This follows a week-long Textbook Cost Reduction Camp held for faculty members in all areas of study.

The camp set out to educate faculty members on textbook alternatives and prepare them to introduce new technology into the classroom.

The faculty-led initiative analyzed 13 courses to find high-quality resources for students at a lower cost.

Susan Stephens / WNIJ

Lawmakers approved a state budget more than a week ago, but that legislation requires enactment of a new school-funding plan.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner held news conferences Monday to “demand, not request” that the bill be sent to his desk so he can change it as he sees fit. Democrats have delayed sending it along.  

Democrats have passed such a plan through both chambers, but Rauner says he’ll veto parts of it because it gives too much money to Chicago Public Schools.


The Illinois tax package approved earlier this month raises the income tax rates for both businesses and individuals, but it also includes an increase to the state’s earned-income credit.  

Opponents of the tax hike, like Gov. Bruce Rauner, have not pointed out this lesser-known change approved by the Illinois General Assembly Over Rauner's veto. It could have potential benefits for low-income earners who qualify for tax credits.