Latin America
3:34 pm
Wed October 26, 2011

Drug Violence Swamps A Once Peaceful Mexican City

"Los Mata Zetas," or the "Zeta Killers," described themselves in a recent video as a paramilitary group that will go after members of the Zeta drug cartel. The Mexican government, however, has described it as a rival drug cartel that is just seeking to eliminate competition from the Zetas.

AFP AFP/Getty Images

In the latest twist to Mexico's drug wars, a new group has vowed to launch a paramilitary offensive against a leading drug cartel in Veracruz, a city that has become a flash point in the violence.

Over the past month, more than 100 bodies have been strewn around the city, which is one of Mexico's largest and oldest ports. The violence prompted Mexican President Felipe Calderon to declare that Veracruz has been "left in the hands of the Zetas," one of the most brutal criminal organizations in the country.

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3:27 pm
Wed October 26, 2011

Used Lab Equipment Finds A Second Home Overseas

Amanda Nottke, who earned her Ph.D. from Harvard, sorts through used micropipettes that will be shipped to overseas science labs.

Ari Daniel Shapiro for NPR

Originally published on Mon March 31, 2014 4:35 pm

Science is an expensive endeavor. Labs in the U.S. can easily spend millions of dollars each year on equipment, chemicals and supplies alone. But for scientists in the developing world, these costs are often prohibitive. That's where a clever idea has made all the difference.

In a Harvard Medical School corridor on a rainy Saturday afternoon, a handful of graduate students are emptying boxes of scientific equipment into the hallway to take inventory: microcentrifuge tubes, radiation counters, micropipetters, Erlenmeyer flasks.

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The Two-Way
3:20 pm
Wed October 26, 2011

Cool Photo: Lighting Fireworks For Diwali

Indian children light fireworks in New Delhi for Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. The festival marks the victory of good over evil and commemorates the time when Hindu God Lord Rama achieved victory over Ravana and returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after 14 years in exile.

Sajjad Hussain AFP/Getty Images

Today Hindus across the world are celebrating Diwali, or the festival of lights. There's plenty of coverage about the celebrations, and the Hindustan Times has a good overview.

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Saturday Night Blues

David James presents three hours of great music to accompany you to wherever your Saturday night takes you.

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3:19 pm
Wed October 26, 2011

Are Crackdowns A Turning Point For Occupy Protests?

Occupy Oakland protesters carry away a man who was hit by a police tear gas canister Tuesday near the Oakland City Hall.

AFP/Getty Images

Police crackdowns in Atlanta and Oakland, Calif., to disperse protests affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement could mark a turning point in the tactics of both the demonstrators and the authorities dealing with them, experts say.

Oakland police equipped with riot gear fired tear gas and, according to demonstrators, used rubber bullets and flash grenades on Tuesday to clear Frank Ogawa Park in front of City Hall. In Atlanta, helicopters circled over a small city park just after midnight Wednesday as officers moved in to arrest about 50 protesters.

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American Routes

American Routes is produced in New Orleans, and presents a broad range of American music:  blues and jazz, gospel and soul, old-time country and rockabilly, Cajun and zydeco, Tejano and Latin, roots rock and pop, avant-garde and classical.  The songs and stories on American Routes describe both the community origins of the music, musicians and cultures (the "roots"), and the many directions they take over time (the "routes").

Margot Williams is a NPR News Investigations database correspondent. Along with her reporting, Williams works behind the scenes compiling, mining and analyzing data for investigative reports, ferreting for information, and connecting the dots.

Saturday Blues

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The Two-Way
2:53 pm
Wed October 26, 2011

Trial Of American Alleged To Have Supported Al-Qaida Getting Started

Tarek Mahenna.

Opening statements are set to begin Thursday in Boston at the trial of Tarek Mehanna, a 29-year-old American charged in U.S. District Court with conspiracy and providing material support to al-Qaida, as well as planning to attend training camps abroad and making false statements to authorities. He faces a possible life sentence if convicted.

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