8:53 am
Wed July 29, 2009

Amtrak passenger rail proposal creates competition

DeKalb, IL – Two Northern Illinois communities are competing for a stop on a proposed Amtrak line. WNIJ's Mike Moen has more on the latest twist in the passenger rail initiative:

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8:49 pm
Tue July 28, 2009

State Rep. Winters runs for Lt. Governor

Rockford, IL – A Republican State Representative from the Rockford area is running for state-wide office. WNIJ's Susan Stephens has more:

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3:32 pm
Fri July 24, 2009

Weather makes homegrown sweet corn a rare commodity this year

DeKalb, IL – Corn farmers in DeKalb County, along with much of the state, are suffering the worst crop-growing weather in decades. WNIJ's Christopher Hosken examines both the cause, and the consequences...for farmers and for you.

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7:06 pm
Mon July 20, 2009

Commentary: The budget game

DeKalb, IL – Budget troubles are far from over for social service agencies in Illinois. The budget agreement in Springfield may have spared the organizations from a "doomsday scenario," but they still can't be sure how much money they'll get from the state.

Pam Wiseman is the executive director of Safe Passage, a domestic violence shelter in DeKalb. She's one of the thousands of people who have spent the summer on a budget roller coaster. She takes us along for the ride.

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WNIJ Healthcare Series
4:24 pm
Fri July 17, 2009

NIU political expert discusses the health care debate

DeKalb, IL – Efforts continue on Capitol Hill to revamp the nation's health care system. So where is the debate headed? WNIJ's Mike Moen discussed the matter with a political expert from Northern Illinois University.

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6:06 am
Wed July 15, 2009

A higher profile for Illinois community colleges

Malta, IL – President Barack Obama made a high-profile speech yesterday (Tuesday) praising community colleges. Like the president, Illinois House Representative Mike Boland is doing what he can to increase enrollment in this state by visiting all 49 community colleges. W-N-I-J's Christopher Hosken reports.

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2:03 am
Fri July 10, 2009

Social service layoffs mapped

Rockford, IL – Illinois lawmakers head back to Springfield to try to resolve the state budget stalemate. Meanwhile, social service agencies are reacting to the budget limbo by laying off employees and cutting programs. Now, one organization is trying to keep track of the rapidly-evolving mess by mapping those cuts. WNIJ's Susan Stephens explains.

Web Link: Tracking The State Budget Fallout

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1:09 am
Fri July 10, 2009

Changes in state board overseeing hospital construction

DeKalb, IL – The state board in charge of hospital construction is now under construction itself. W-N-I-J's Christopher Hosken reports.

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World Cafe
10:49 am
Tue July 7, 2009

World Cafe Remembers Levon Helm

Levon Helm.
Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Tue October 15, 2013 3:12 pm

  • Levon Helm in Studio on World Cafe 1/18/08

This segment, from Jan. 18, 2008, is part of our Vintage Cafe series, in which we revisit some of our best studio performances. Here, we remember an Americana legend and drummer for the '60s rock group The Band, Levon Helm, who died in 2012.

Levon Helm first picked up a guitar at age 8, but soon switched to drums. Though best known as the famous drummer for the rock group The Band, Helm continued to influence music with his collaborations and solo works.

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7:23 pm
Wed July 1, 2009

Federal courthouse in Rockford progresses

Rockford, IL – A new federal courthouse in downtown Rockford is taking shape on the city's skyline. It's expected to improve life for those who work in federal courtrooms: some also think it could help revitalize the area. WNIJ's Mike Moen reports.

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