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There’s been a little bit of confusion these past couple days on how trade talks with China are going. U.S. officials told CNN that China had offered to bump up purchases of American goods by $200 billion. Chinese officials said that's not true. The Trump administration believes that the trade deficit with China could be brought down if China were to buy that much more worth of American goods. It’s something the president is focused on even though most economists say he shouldn't be. 

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The planned revival of a policy dating to Ronald Reagan's presidency that was slightly retooled and quietly submitted for federal budget review Friday may finally present a way for President Trump to fulfill his campaign promise to "defund" Planned Parenthood.

Or at least to evict it from the federal family planning program, where it provides care to more than 40 percent of that program's 4 million patients.

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The pick wasn't surprising, but the announcement was – President Trump will nominate Robert Wilkie, the acting secretary of Veterans Affairs, to become the department's new secretary.

Trump was speaking at a meeting on prison reform at the White House when he veered off topic to introduce Wilkie to the room. Trump praised the job Wilkie has been doing since he stepped in at the VA from the Department of Defense in March, and then gave everyone a surprise, including Wilkie.

What happens when three big companies invest in an apology? Facebook, Uber and Wells Fargo have launched apology campaigns in the past several weeks. They’re all trying to regain the trust of their customers for scandals that have included data hacking, sexual harassment, and overcharging. But is an "I’m Sorry" ad effective?

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