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12/15/2017: A shakeup at Airbus

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(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... A day after plane maker Airbus secured a $12 billion deal from Delta, it announced a change of leadership. We’ll tell you what’s behind the shakeup, which comes amid a series of corruption allegations. Then, ever heard of “The Brussels Effect?” It refers to the regulatory power of the European Union, and we’ll explain why it will matter to Britain as it moves on to phase two of its Brexit negotiations.

Britain's senior-most military officer is warning that an improving Russian navy poses risks to undersea communications and Internet cables, saying any disruption could do "catastrophic" damage to the economy.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach said Britain and NATO need to prioritize protecting communications cables running along the seabed between countries and continents to prevent them being severed.

Behold, the cocktail avocado. No, that's not a weird cucumber. It's the latest in avocado innovation, on offer at British retail chain Marks & Spencer.

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As expected, the Federal Communications Commission voted yesterday to overturn net neutrality, the Obama-era rule that says internet service providers have to treat all content equally on their networks. So what happens next? Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks with Tom Merritt, host of the "Daily Tech News Show" podcast, about what this means for the internet and how long it will be before we see changes.