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A Florida International University pedestrian bridge, still under construction, collapsed Thursday afternoon on a major roadway in the Miami area, trapping people underneath and injuring several victims. Miami-Dade Fire chief said four people were found dead at the site and nine people had been transported to area hospitals.

"We have multiple victims; the number hasn't been determined yet," Miami Dade County Deputy Mayor Maurice Kemp said at a late afternoon news conference.

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This is FRESH AIR. Music critic Milo Miles has a review of two new albums by the Kronos Quartet. They're each collaborations - one with a group from Mali, the other with Laurie Anderson.

Genetic mutations are the driving force of evolution, and now scientists have managed to study the effect of mutations in exquisite detail by watching what happens as they pop up in single cells.

Only about one percent of mutations were bad enough to kill off the cell, according to a report published Thursday in Science. Most of the time, these small changes in its DNA appeared to have no effect at all.

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The iPhone 10 uses software to recognize your face. So does technology that's becoming more common in airports. That's raising concerns about privacy and the system's ability to accurately identify people of color and women. NPR's Brian Naylor reports.