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WNIJ Morning Edition Producer

Mike Moen is the Morning Edition producer and serves as a staff reporter for WNIJ.  Every morning, he works with Dan Klefstad to bring listeners the latest Illinois news.  He also works with the rest of the news staff on developing and producing in-depth stories.  Mike is a Minnesota native who likes movies, history, and baseball. When most people hear his last name, they assume he is 100-percent Scandinavian.  But, believe it or not, he is mostly German. 

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Brick and mortar retailers in Illinois are rejoicing.

That's after Amazon announced it would soon comply with a new state law, forcing the online retail giant to collect a sales-tax.

But some worry about the law's unintended consequences.

State regulators will soon decide on an energy project for northern Illinois.


Picture a town that can attract jobs, but not residents. That’s the case for Rochelle, which is in the middle of an industrial boom. But local leaders say they need to address stagnant population growth.

Rockford Police Department

There are calls for tougher training standards following this summer's police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. But some departments have already been forced to address the issue based on incidents in their own jurisdiction.

Railroad fatalities are a major concern in Illinois. The state hopes a new safety campaign will help to prevent more deaths from occurring.

The recent protests in Ferguson, Missouri have renewed calls for police officers to wear body cameras. Those discussions are happening in some Illinois communities.

Illinois educators say they’re entering a critical phase for implementing common core standards. School districts have spent the last few years training teachers, while introducing these new learning methods. Classrooms are now gearing up for the first true year of measuring progress.


Governor Pat Quinn this week vetoed legislation aimed at increasing the speed limit to 70 miles-an-hour on suburban interstates.

Governor Pat Quinn recently signed a bill that enables certain local taxing bodies to merge or dissolve.


A northern Illinois lawmaker wants an investigation of procedures at state-run mental health facilities.