Tom Lisi

Tom reports on statehouse issues for NPR Illinois.  He's currently a Public Affairs Reporting graduate program student at the University of Illinois Springfield.  He graduated from Macalester College.  Tom is from New York City where he also did stand-up and improv and wrote for the Awl and WNYC public radio.

Minor league baseball players are suing Major League Baseball, claiming unfair pay. But a new proposal in Illinois would protect independent leagues from a similar lawsuit. 

The state’s minimum wage law applies to most workers, but there are a few exceptions: farm hands, children of small business owners, and outdoor salesmen to name a few.

Brian Mackey

Immigrant and refugee groups are calling for a long list of new state laws — from limiting cooperation with federal immigration agents to raising the minimum wage.

They rallied Wednesday in the Statehouse.

Sanjin Ibrahimovic was born in post-war Bosnia. He says the war pushed his parents from hospital administrators, to subsistence farmers, to refugees in Chicago.

A refugee himself, Ibrahimovic is a now a computer science major in college. He says he’s worried newer immigrants and refugees don’t have the same chance he did.

"Wheelchair" by Flickr User zeevveez / (CC X 2.0)

Governor Bruce Rauner’s new rules restricting overtime pay for home health aides cleared the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules on Tuesday. Starting Aug. 1, caretakers will be limited to a 45 hour work week.

KL Cleeton runs a video production company from his parents’ home in Effingham. His parents work for him, but not to grab coffee at his film shoots.

“Because my disability is so severe, I require 24-hour assistance. If I have an itch, I can’t scratch it. So this is very much my choice,” he said.

Before Mary Rabbe died from complications related to Alzheimer’s in 2015, she moved between several different long-term care facilities in the Springfield area — five nursing homes, a 10-day stay at a hospital psychiatric ward, and three visits to the E.R. — all in less than three years.


State Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch, D-Chicago, says he was pulled over in Kankakee on Election Day for blaring a recorded get-out-the-vote message by then-President Obama from his car.

Welch brought up the traffic stop at a House hearing on the Illinois voting process. Kankakee police confirm they did interact with Welch on Election Day, but wouldn’t go into specifics. Welch, an attorney, says he was in Kankakee to monitor early voting.