And If You Harass My Daughter ...

Nov 13, 2017

I have three daughters -- two in college and one still in high school. Even without the built-in dad bias, I can objectively state that they are highly intelligent, highly capable and independent young adults.

That said, and like most dads, I still worry about what they will run into at school and in the workplace. And I worry because of all the creeps, losers and miscreants who, in 2017, still somehow think they are entitled to sexually harass others.

I know this isn’t just a male-female problem, but facts don’t lie. Most of the people doing the harassing are males. And most of the victims are females.

Males are the ones doing most of the harassing, so males need to be a large part of the solution. And this is where dads come in. Dads need be setting good examples for their sons and daughters for what is acceptable and what is not -- and what cannot be tolerated.

And then there is the power of angry dads, anger that goes beyond the condemnations of this behavior from politicians, pundits and activists.

I would love to see something along the lines of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but called “Dad’s Against Sexually Harassing Our Kids,” or “Dads Who Will Hurt You If Your Harass Our Kids," or, “Dads Who Will Gladly Stand In Front Of A Judge After We Hurt You For Harassing Our Kids.”

I’m Andrew Nelson, and that’s my perspective.