Another Chance For Drivers With Multiple DUI Offenses?

Jan 22, 2014

Illinois law says after four DUI convictions, that person can never drive again. An Illinois lawmaker wants to give those people another chance to drive.


About 12,000 drivers in Illinois use what’s called a restricted driving permit. Some of these drivers can only take limited trips -- like to work or to drop a child off at school. And they have to pass a breath test for their car to start. But these permits are only available to people with three or fewer serious traffic convictions.

Representative Elaine Nekritz wants to change that. The Northbrook Democrat says her bill was inspired by a constituent who had several DUIs in the past, but has been sober for years.

“He couldn’t drive at all, even though he’d really turned his life around. This is an effort to try to give those who have truly gotten their lives in order an opportunity to be productive citizens by being able to drive to and from work,” Nekritz said.

This population of drivers would have to wait five years after their last day of rehab or imprisonment -- whichever is longer. Then they could apply for a hearing from the Secretary of State’s office. If the permit is granted, a judge would decide where a driver can and cannot go.