Another Way To Think About Same-Sex Marriage

Feb 13, 2013

This week, the Illinois Senate President hopes to pass a same-sex marriage bill. Democrat John Cullerton wants the upper chamber to approve the bill by Valentine's Day, and send it to the House. Gov. Pat Quinn has said he'd sign SB 10, but the bill faces an uncertain future in the lower chamber.

Supporters of the measure say it's unfair to continue to deny marriage rights to gay couples. Opponents say it's unfair for government to intervene in family matters, such as marriage. This issue of fairness raises ethical questions, which is why we turned to the field of philosophy.

NIU professor Jason Hanna (NIU Today)

WNIJ invited NIU philosophy professor Jason Hanna to discuss the ethical implications inherent in the debate. We didn't ask Dr. Hanna to judge the arguments of either side. Rather, we asked him to describe a different way of thinking about this issue.

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