Attendance Varies At Illinois Gun Hearings

Mar 7, 2013

Credit WBEZ

  Illinois lawmakers are continuing to hold hearings into issues related to guns. On Thursday, they met to discuss guns and mental health issues, but the hearing was sparsely attended.

When House members have held similar hearings on carrying concealed weapons, the room has been packed full.

A velvet rope was put in the hallway to control the line of people waiting to get in.

For Thursday's hearing on mental health issues and guns, the velvet rope was out, but nobody was standing in line.

State Representative Jil Tracy from Quincy says she was recently at a hearing discussing cuts to mental health programs, while at the same time there was a hearing on guns going on in a separate building.

"We need to fund mental health in this state far better than we’ve been doing" Tracy said.

Most lawmakers raised questions about how people can get their gun ownership I.D. revoked.

There were few questions about mental health issues or getting counseling for those who see violence first-hand.