Attorneys for IL Rep. Want Comments Left Out Of Trial

Apr 16, 2014

FBI agents say an Illinois State Representative admitted wrongdoing when they arrested him.

Federal prosecutors charged State Representative Derrick Smith with taking a $7,000 bribe.

FBI agents say after they arrested him in 2012 - Smith told them he was “going crazy” about a primary challenger - and was hard up for campaign cash to pay workers.

They say he repeatedly told agents he “effed up” - and regret taking the money.

Smith’s attorneys say the Chicago Democrat’s comments shouldn’t be allowed at his trial next month because he thought they were negotiating a plea.

Prosecutors say a plea deal was not on the table - and Smith admitted wrongdoing before government attorneys even talked to him.

Rep. Derrick Smith

Smith’s attorneys are also calling into question the background of the campaign worker who secretly recorded Smith allegedly taking the cash.

Defense attorneys say that cooperating FBI source - whose identity hasn’t been revealed - had an incentive to inform on Smith: because the government paid him.

Smith lost his bid for reelection in last month’s primary.