Beloit College professor dies in Chile

Jun 21, 2012

Dan Shea, an anthropology professor at Beloit College since 1968, died after a fall Tuesday night while on a research trip with students in Chile.

 Shea and five Beloit students arrived June 8 and were scheduled to remain in Chile until June 27. A Beloit College alumnus and an adjunct professor also were on the trip; they remain with the students at this time. Plans are being made for their return as soon as possible.

In a letter to the campus community, college President Scott Bierman noted Shea’s long service to the college. “I admit to finding some comfort in the knowledge that, when he passed, Dan was in a place that he loves, doing what he does best—introducing students to the archaeological wonders of Latin America,” Bierman wrote.

No additional details are available at this time.