Blagojevich Appeal Audio Now Online

Dec 26, 2013

Rod Blagojevich
Credit photo: wikipedia

On Dec.13, three judges in Chicago listened to an hour of oral arguments on the conviction of Blagojevich. Judge Frank Easterbrook interrupted prosecutors and asked tough questions about their case against the former governor. He cited the case of California Governor Earl Warren promising Dwight Eisenhower political support in exchange for an appointment to the Supreme Court should Eisenhower win the presidency.

"What’s different between that trade and this.  Warren wanted a job for himself.  It was a higher visibility job.  It paid more.  It was a swap of political support for a political favor." - Judge Frank Easterbrook  

Easterbrook also asked if Warren and Eisenhower should also have been imprisoned like Blagojevich. Easterbrook also had tough questions for Blagojevich’s attorney. The full audio of the hearing is on the 7th circuit court of appeals website.