British Air Force Intercepts Pakistani Passenger Jet

May 24, 2013

Reuters and the BBC report two men were arrested on suspicion of "endangerment of an aircraft."

A passenger jet from Pakistan on its way to England was intercepted by two  fighter jets from Britain’s Royal Air Force. The plan reportedly sent an emergency radar signal to air traffic controllers.

The U.K.'s Sky News says  the Pakistan International Airlines jet was being escorted because of a security concern. The nature of the incident was not clear.

The BBC reports the plane has now landed.

CNN reports: "An incident has occurred on an aircraft," the police said. "Police and partners are responding. A further update will be released as soon as possible."

NBCNEWS: UK fighters scrambled to escort passenger jet from Pakistan

According to ABC News, The plane, believed to have nearly 300 people on board, was escorted to Stansted Airport in Essex, east of London.