Chief Justice welcomes NIU's new law students

Aug 15, 2012

Students across Illinois are making their way back to school in the coming weeks. Yesterday, Northern Illinois University’s incoming law students got a special welcome.

Chief Justice Thomas Kilbride brought congratulations and a big welcome from his fellow Illinois Supreme Court justices. He said it was “exciting to see all these young, bright, strong, energetic faces starting law school.”

Kilbride is part of a law student orientation put on by the State Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism. Similar programs are scheduled at the state’s other eight law schools. Jayne Reardon is the commission’s executive director. The idea is to get future lawyers thinking about ethics and responsibility as early in their careers as possible.

You have the ability to change the world. From the beginning of our country to the civil rights movement and today, lawyers are the architects of change.

Chief Justice Kilbride led the students in The Pledge of Professionalism, then they broke up into small groups to work with experienced attorneys on some of the ethics challenges facing them as they enter their chosen career.