Concealed-Carry Bill Might Need Changes

Jun 17, 2013

The sponsor of the concealed carry bill says it needs a minor fix amid concerns about transparency. The measure was drafted after a federal court ruled Illinois' concealed carry ban unconstitutional. It's still being reviewed by Governor Pat Quinn.

The plan would give a new state board the ability to review applications. As it’s written now, the law would let the board operate in secret. That worries the Illinois Press Association's Josh Sharp. He stresses that he's not fighting provisions that would keep private the names of gun-owners and permit applicants.

"It's about shining more light on government. Because they're not subject to the act, any kind of monetary decisions like spending money, where they meet, when they meet, all of that under this legislation, it's off-limits" Sharp said.

The bill's sponsor says he was just trying to keep sensitive information private. If the measure becomes law, a follow-up measure would be introduced to address transparency concerns.

Illinois must enact a concealed-carry law by July 9th.