Conditions ideal for fish kills

Jul 12, 2012

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says this summer's hot and dry weather will make it more difficult for fish to survive.

Tim Schweizer is with the Department of Natural Resources. He says lower water levels and warmer temperatures are a deadly combination for fish.

"There's a consequence of low, dissolved oxygen levels. So, anglers might be noticing on private ponds, streams, lakes and rivers that they might see dead fish" Schweizer said.

The situation was evident at a lake near LaSalle, where officials say a large number of dead Asian carp were recently discovered. The DNR says there have plenty of other reports of fish kills in northwest Illinois.

Meanwhile, Schweizer says boaters need to be a little more cautious when heading out on the water. He says they've received reports of reduced water levels at state parks. He says that creates more safety risks, especially when it comes to avoiding obstacles in the water.