Congressman Not Likely to Step Aside

Oct 22, 2012

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has until the end of business Monday to take his name off the November ballot.  It is the last chance to remove his name and still have Democratic Party bosses handpick a replacement candidate. Over the weekend, he sent a recorded message to constituents.

And didn’t sound like he was ready to bow out.

"I am anxious to return to work on your behalf, but at this time it is against medical advice."       

                - Jesse Jackson Jr.

The congressman is now headed back to the Mayo Clinic, where he’s been treated for depression and other health issues. But his wife and campaign manager - Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson - said earlier this month her husband won’t drop out at the last minute. The congressman is also facing a House ethics investigation - and is reportedly the target of a  separate federal probe.

For now, Jackson faces Republican Brian Woodworth and Independent Marcus Lewis on the November ballot.

Illinois Public Radio's Alex Keefe contributed to this report