Corn Crop In Better Shape This Year

Aug 15, 2013

Prospects for this year’s corn harvest in Illinois are looking much better than last year, when much of the crop was stricken by drought.

Credit Illinois Corn Growers Association

Paul Taylor raises corn in DeKalb County.  He’s also a District Director for the Illinois Corn Growers Association.  Taylor says spring rains delayed preparations somewhat, but farmers still managed to plant a large acreage, and he anticipates a big crop.

“We want to have make sure we have plenty of corn for our customers," Taylor said.

Taylor says the supply of corn will be more than adequate for livestock, biofuels and the export market.

Will it be a record? Probably not.  But it’s certainly going to be more than adequate.”- Paul Taylor

Taylor says northern Illinois farmers made out OK last year, in spite of the drought, because regional soil conditions allowed for a better-than-expected harvest.  Many farmers in central Illinois and elsewhere lost nearly all their crop.