Corn Fest Returns To Downtown DeKalb

Aug 20, 2013


Corn Fest is heading back to downtown DeKalb next weekend. For the past five years, Corn Fest has been held at the DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport.

Another major change this year is the timing of the festival, which traditionally has coincided with NIU's new student move-in week.

Festival organizer Lisa Angel says going forward Corn Fest will continue to be held in the downtown, but will be scheduled for the week following NIU's move-in activities.

Angel hopes this year's Labor Day timing will fill the gap left by the cancellation of Rockford's annual "On The Waterfront" festival.

An estimated 24,000 free steamed ears of corn will be handed out during the event.

Holding Corn Fest at the airport drew mixed reviews, but Angel says it allowed for more space. She says a few events will be moved around from their previous downtown locations to accommodate parking and foot traffic.

Traffic Note: Lincoln Highway through downtown DeKalb will close starting at 3 pm on Aug. 29 through the end of the festival Sunday.