Court Orders Relief In Marengo Tainted Private Wells

Jun 18, 2013

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan

A company that operates a plant in northern Illinois is being ordered to provide safe drinking water to residents in the Margengo-area.

The request was made by state Attorney General Lisa Madigan. Her office says recent tests found elevated levels of cancer-causing chemicals in groundwater near the Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corporation. Those findings were announced in a press release issued by Madigan's office.

Recent tests conducted in Marengo found that elevated levels of cancer-causing agents like vinyl chloride and trichloroethylene

A McHenry County judge says the company must provide bottled water to a handful of residents using private wells near the site. State officials stress that the public water system in the city of Marengo is not affected by the situation.

The court also says the defendant needs to collect additional water samples from the area to make sure the tainted water isn't spreading to other private wells.