DeKalb County Samples Support for Art Council

Feb 16, 2012

Since last July, dozens of DeKalb County businesses and organizations have shown interest in being part of an organized Art Council.  What is missing is someone to take charge. Pat Vary chairs the county’s Economic Development Committee.  She says there are many advantages to formalizing an Art Council. For example, the group could pool resources to rent or buy office space to store props and hold activities. Critics say the government body should stay out of the art business and focus on other priorities.

Vary says the county would back off once a leadership team is in place. “Our role is keeping an eye on economic development, their role is to try to make an arts council that nourishes and nurtures the arts in the county,” said Vary.

Another public meeting will gauge how much support still exists in the community and if anyone will lead the effort.  The meeting will be held Thursday, February 16th at 7:00 at the Legislative Center in Sycamore. (Jenna Dooley, WNIJ News)