DeKalb's police chief heads west

Feb 7, 2012


DeKalb's police chief is stepping down to take another job. Bill Feithen will be the next police chief in Monmouth, Illinois: that's about 40 miles south of the Quad Cities.

Feithen has been with the DeKalb Police Department for the past 37 years and has served in the top position since 2000. He says there was no particular incident that prompted the move. He just felt it was time for a change in his life because “when change stops, we stop growing.”

Feithen says Monmouth was just what he was looking for at this time:  “I’m originally from a smaller town, a rural town. That’s what one of the things I liked about DeKalb.  And I like policing in a college setting.  Monmouth offers that for me.”

Feithen says he’s looking forward to his new post, but it won’t be easy to say goodbye. He says DeKalb has been his home for a long time, and there are a lot of people in the police department and the community who have been friends through difficult times, both good and bad.

DeKalb Mayor Kris Povlsen says Feithen is a man of integrity and has served the city well. Povlsen adds that Feithen "has built the force I think that is very reputable, second to none. And at this point in time he will be a loss to the city, but I think he is leaving the police department in excellent hands."

Feithen's last day will be February 24th.  DeKalb's city manager will name an interim chief.  Povlsen says he isn't sure if a permanent chief will come from within the department or if a search will be conducted for Feithen's replacement. 

(story by Jenna Dooley and Guy Stephens)