Dixon Doesn't Want State Charges Against Crundwell Dropped

Feb 20, 2013

Dixon Mayor Jim Burke

The city of Dixon wants state charges against its former comptroller Rita Crundwell to move forward. Crundwell was sentenced last week to more than 19 years in federal prison for embezzling more than 50-million dollars from the city.

Following the sentencing, state prosecutors asked city officials for input in regards to the future of their case against Crundwell.

Dixon Mayor Jim Burke says they're in favor of seeing Crundwell back in court.

"These charges, to a large extent, they were filed at my urging and other city official's urging. I don't think that the city wants to be put in a position of recommending that these charges be dropped" Burke said.

Dixon's city council has echoed similar feelings about the state's case.

Crundwell faces 60 counts of felony theft in Lee County. If convicted, officials say that sentence would probably run concurrent to the federal sentence.

Meanwhile, federal officials were asked Tuesday about the facility where Crundwell would serve her sentence. They issued a brief statement, saying that she is being held in a local facility until they designate a specific location.