Drivers License Bill Heads to Governor

Jan 9, 2013

Governor Pat Quinn says he'll sign legislation creating a special driver's license for immigrants who are in Illinois illegally. The bill cleared its final legislative hurdle Tuesday after it was approved by the House on the last day of the lame-duck session.

Representative Eddie Acevedo, the Chicago Democrat who sponsored the legislation, says Illinois has failed by allowing an estimated 250-thousand immigrants to drive without proper training.

"We allowed insurance companies to sell insurance to people without driver's licenses. When they are involved in an accident, (they're) told they don't have a driver's license, so your insurance is invalid" Acevedo said.

The measure passed the House on a vote of 65-to-46. It was bipartisan, but had less Republican support than when the Senate approved the measure last month.

Many prominent Republicans favored the legislation. But rank-and-file members of the House say they're worried about fraud, and want applicants to be fingerprinted.