Education Board Looking for Trustees

Feb 7, 2013

There’s a scramble in DeKalb County to fill four trustee vacancies on the Regional Board of Education. Trustees decide questions of school transfers and district consolidations.

Credit DeKalb County

"The issues that we do get before us, while they don't come up very often, when they do come, they end up being pretty contentious" -Larry Forsberg

There are supposed to be eight people on the board, a mix of appointed and elected officials.  It’s an unpaid position. But there were no candidates to emerge after a ballot deadline late last year. Today is the last day to file paperwork to be a write-in candidate.  DeKalb County Clerk John Acardo says as of this morning, three people have submitted their names.  Only those who file paperwork can be considered a write-in candidate for a board position.There are 19 townships in DeKalb County, but Forsberg says only a handful have representation on the board…and no one from a township south of DeKalb.