Elgin Man Dies From West Nile Virus

Aug 24, 2012

Illinois has recorded its second death this year related to the West Nile virus. Public health officials say the victim is a 64-year-old man from Elgin. The longtime village president of Lombard also died last week from complications of the virus. 

The most recent data on the spread of West Nile across the state is provided by the Illinois Department of Public Health:

2012 Illinois West Nile Virus Numbers at a Glance

- 28 human cases

- 2 human deaths
- 57 years - median age of human cases*
- 15 years - youngest human case*
- 80 years - oldest human case*
- 38 counties with positive humans, birds, mosquitoes and/or horses
- 64 positive birds
- 2681 positive mosquito batches
- 1 positive horses and other animals