EPA Meets With Businesses Linked To Wedron Case

Mar 20, 2013

EPA officials are talking to businesses suspected of being the responsible for contaminated groundwater in a LaSalle County community. A meeting was held this week to discuss some of the initial findings from a U.S. EPA investigation. Officials have found high levels of benzene in a number of private wells in the town of Wedron.

The EPA’s Steve Faryn says right now, there are multiple potential sources, including a sand mine factory. The former owners of that site, along with two other groups, attended the meeting. But Faryn stresses they’re not done looking, adding that other sources could be found along the way.

The current owners of the sand mine factory, Fairmount Minerals, say they’re doing their own testing, and so far, have denied being linked to the polluted wells. The EPA says once their investigation is complete, they hope to make sure those responsible pay for alternative water supplies.

In the meantime, the agency is providing filters and bottled water to those affected.

Famed activist Erin Brockovich has promised to help residents in this case. The EPA would not comment on her team’s involvement.