EPA Will Continue To Monitor Wedron Water

Apr 5, 2013

The federal EPA says its most recent testing of contaminated groundwater in Wedron has turned up no additional cases. Eight private wells in the LaSalle County town are said to have elevated levels of benzene.

The EPA’s Steve Faryn says they’ll continue to monitor the situation:

"We still are concerned that the contamination could spread because the groundwater in the area has been altered and moves very quickly because of the sand mining pits in Wedron."

Filters have been provided to the affected homes. The EPA is in talks with those suspected of being responsible for the contamination. The parties are trying to sort out plans to provide an alternative water supply for the community.

Residents have also been advised that if they want to pursue legal action for damages related to diminished property values and health issues, they will have to do so without the help of the EPA. Some residents have already enlisted the help of famed activist Erin Brockovich.