Fiscal Cliff Vote Breakdown: Illinois Congressional Delegation

Jan 3, 2013

All the Democrats in Illinois’ congressional delegation voted for the deal to avert the fiscal cliff. But Republicans were split. The deal means income taxes for most Americans will stay put - though a person making more than $400,000 a year will see an increase. Lawmakers also avoided deep automatic spending delaying them for two months.

Credit Architect of the Capitol

Outgoing Republican Judy Biggert voted for the deal - but wishes it were more comprehensive.

If we had not done that, then everybody would be subject in increased taxes. And they were gonna be draconian. -Judy Biggert

But not everybody went along with the compromise. Tea Party Republican Joe Walsh, who’s also leaving, says he’s against raising taxes for anybody. And he wishes those across-the-board cuts would have taken effect.

 That’s the penalty we should have paid. ... But Republicans and Democrats - too many of us - didn’t have the courage to do that. - Joe Walsh

Voting Breakdown

"No" Republicans

Randy Hultgren
Peter Roskam
Bobby Schilling
Joe Walsh

"Yes" Republicans

Judy Biggert
Tim Johnson
Adam Kinzinger
Don Manzullo
Aaron Schock
John Shimkus
Bob Dold

Illinois Public Radio's Alex Keefe contributed to this report