Flooded School To Open In Time For New School Year

Aug 12, 2013

file photo from 2013 flooding in LaSalle Co.
Credit Guy Stephens

In May, JoEllen Fuller told WNIJ her school was just a shell.  She's the Superintendent of the Marseilles School District. The school sustained major damage during spring flooding.

"Dry wall had to be removed. If there was any kind of mold, it had to be removed. Everything has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected," Fuller said.

After the flood, more than 600 students were displaced and moved to a local church and an old high school. Fuller says most students will be back in the main building by the time school starts August 21st.

"It's just been a process. I hope that no one else has to go through something like this because it is just a nightmare. It's been a busy, hectic summer." - JoEllen Fuller, Marseilles Superintendent

Grades 2-8 will be in regular classrooms. Pre-K through first grade will be in modular buildings until everything is fixed.