Freeport Aldermen Approve Sale At Rawleigh Complex

Mar 4, 2014

Freeport aldermen approved a plan to sell part of a sprawling industrial compound plagued by environmental problems. For more than a decade, city officials have been removing contaminated soil and lead paint from the Rawleigh complex, the site of a former food processing center. The Freeport Journal Standard reports city leaders agreed to businessman Pete Alber's bid of $100 to buy Building D of the complex.

Credit Guy Stephens

City of Freeport: Bid Agreement

Alber already leased the space for more than a year. Instead of rent, he installed new windows and updated the utilities. The city secured several million dollars for clean-up. Last fall, the city received a green light from the EPA to sell the space. It's unclear what's next for the rest of the buildings.