Freeport Unveils New City Hall, Will Be Operational At End Of Month

Feb 16, 2017

Downtown Freeport
Credit WIkimedia Commons/User: IvoShandor

Freeport officials unveiled a new City Hall as part of the city's 162nd anniversary

The Freeport Journal-Standard reports it’s located in the former Carnegie Library, and was unveiled at an opening Tuesday. Mayor Jim Gitz welcomed people to the ribbon cutting ceremony by joking "Welcome to Carnegie Hall.''  Gitz says repurposing a building with a lot of history "created something quite spectacular on a bargain-basement budget.''  The renovation cost a total of $2.3 million.  

Renovations for the building began in July, and city workers began moving into the new city hall at the beginning of February.  Officials hope to have the building fully operational by February 27.