GOP Candidates Pledge Party Unity In Gubernatorial Race

Feb 12, 2014

Treasurer Dan Rutherford appears willing to support his party no matter what. That's as he maintains another candidate for governor is trying to take him down.

During a debate in Chicago last month, Rutherford -- along with the other Republican candidates for governor in attendance -- made a pledge.

To support whomever ends up being the nominee.

Though venture capitalist Bruce Rauner wasn't there, his spokesman says he'll do the same.

But since that debate, the dynamic of the race has changed.

Rutherford is fighting allegations he sexually harassed a former top employee.  The worker also accuses Rutherford of forcing him to do political work.

Rutherford is steadfast in his denial of the charges.

And he's also steadfast that Rauner is behind it.

Rutherford says he's staying in the race to win.

Still - he says he'll stand by his pledge even if voters choose Rauner.

REPORTER: "Do you maintain if he's the nominee, would you still support him? Or would you have to withdraw?"

RUTHERFORD: "I will support the Republican nominee."

Rauner, who has put millions of his vast personal fortune into his campaign, denies involvement in the attack against the treasurer.

The two face state Senators Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard in the March 18 primary.