Gov. Quinn praises high court ruling on Affordable Care Act

Jun 28, 2012


Governor Pat Quinn hailed the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the federal health care law, calling it “a great day for Illinois and a great day for our country.”

Quinn spoke to a crowd at the new Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, after signing three health care-related bills into law.

The U-S Supreme Court -- the highest court in our land -- has said the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. And we in Illinois plan to carry it out and make sure that people who need health care coverage -- health insurance -- are covered. That's our goal.

Quinn says the state legislature can move ahead with establishing a health insurance exchange in Illinois, but didn't rule out creating the exchange by executive order.

Here’s the governor’s official statement on the Supreme Court decision:

Today is a great day for Illinois and a great day for our country. This decision means that millions of working families across Illinois will continue to receive better healthcare.


These historic reforms that are strengthening our healthcare system will continue to benefit young people, those with pre-existing conditions and care providers.

We took a big step forward today as a nation and state, and I will continue to work with President Obama to help working families get the healthcare coverage they need.