Grand Detour celebrates history in cemetery

Jun 11, 2012

hGrand Detour, Illinois is located near the Rock River, northeast of Dixon. It is the site where John Deere invented the first successful steel plow. It was also home to Myron Strong, a direct descendent of Mayflower passenger Miles Standish.

For three of the past four years, the St. Peter's Church Preservation Committee of Grand Detour has sponsored a historical walk through the village's cemetery called "Tales from the Tombs."  The event features volunteers who portray the village's notable residents from the past.

This year, the walk was held Sunday June 10th.  

2012 Grand Detour portrayals:

  • Ashley Hewett (1872-1956) dentist, creator of Illini Hall in Grand Detour (portrayed by Mike McNamara)
  • Alfred Parks (1879-1963) farmer (portrayed by Scott Shepherd)
  • Laura Rogers (1873-1971) native daughter (portrayed by Joan LaSage)
  • Willard House (1807-1849) cousin of Grand Detour founder Leonard Andrus (portrayed by Denny Coomes)
  • Myron Strong (1821-1862) farmer, Civil War veteran (portrayed by Jim Ross, wives portrayed by Lindsay Hoyle)
  • Captain Miles Standish (Mayflower, 1620) portrayed by Norman Standish
  • Joseph Bymaster (1828-1907) Civil War veteran (portrayed by Jeff Lovett)
  • William Flick (1872-1960) clammer (portrayed by Duane Paulsen)