Harsher Penalties For Texting And Driving In Consideration

Apr 16, 2018

Credit "April10 033" by Flickr User Lord Jim / (CC x 2.0)

Illinois lawmakers are moving ahead with legislation toughening penalties for texting and driving.

If passed, the bill would allow law enforcement to issue a moving violation on a first offense. That carries a fine of $75 dollars for the first violation. Current law only allows a ticket to be issued on the second or subsequent stops.

State Rep. John D’Amico, D-Chicago, also sponsored the original ban on texting and driving four years ago. He says everyone knows now that texting and driving is illegal.

“They don’t need to have a warning on their first stop," he said. "They can get a ticket. Bottom line is, we want to try to continue to make the roads in Illinois as safe as possible.”

The second offense would cost drivers $100, and the amount goes up after that. If a driver receives three moving violations, their license could be suspended.

The measure heads to the House floor for consideration.