House Committee Approves $100M For Obama Library

Apr 18, 2014

Members of the Illinois State House are advancing a bill that would devote $100 million toward a Barack Obama presidential library.


The House Executive Committee met in Chicago to discuss using state money for the presidential library.

Several universities spoke in favor.

Anthony Young is the chairman of the board at Chicago State University.

"It is difficult to understate the positive impact the Obama library would have not only on Chicago State University, not only on the City of Chicago, but the economy of the South Side neighborhoods CSU serves," Young said.

Hawaii and New York also want to house the library.

Nine representatives voted for the bill - even though there were five lawmakers in attendance at the hearing.

That’s because the chair of the committee used a procedural move to use the attendance records from yesterday’s hearing on a Chicago casino - as the vote for the cash for the presidential library.

The $100 million still needs the support of the full House and Senate - and the governor’s signature.