Illinois Congressmen Respond To Funding Measures

Oct 17, 2013

President Obama signed a bill from Congress to raise the debt ceiling and end the partial government shutdown.  The government will be able to raise its borrowing limit until February. 

Credit flickr / Seansie

Members of Illinois' congressional delegation released the following statements on the vote to pass a continuing resolution and reopen the government:

Congressman Bill Foster (D-11):

“While I am disappointed that extreme and irresponsible factions in Congress were able to force a costly and harmful government shutdown, I am very pleased that more rational and moderate Members of Congress were able to reach a bipartisan agreement to reopen our government and pay our bills. While today was a step in the right direction, our work is far from done. We cannot continue to govern from one manufactured crisis to the next.  Now it is time for moderate Republicans and Democrats to come together and work out a long term budget agreement that builds on the economic recovery we’ve seen since the recession. "

Congressman Randy Hultgren (R-14):

  “The Senate and President have chosen to add $1 trillion to our debt for an agreement with no teeth, all the while ignoring our massive debt that threatens our economy and our future. The debt crisis is not make- believe, and I was not elected to stand by while we sacrifice our children’s future for short-term political gain. The national debt is racing past $17 trillion—that’s $54,000 a person on the hook for Washington’s insatiable appetite to spend taxpayer dollars. Not to mention Illinois residents face an additional $21,000 in state debt as the result of poor fiscal choices."

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D-17):

  “In the midst of this reckless government shutdown, the stakes couldn’t be higher.  While today’s agreement is not perfect, it is absolutely critical to the well-being of our region’s economy and the working families that I represent that Congress pass this common sense and reasonable solution to avert the first default in our nation’s history."

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-16):

  “House Republicans fought to the brink to protect hardworking Americans from the higher premiums and reduced coverage that Obamacare is already forcing on them. However, surpassing our debt threshold would be incredibly damaging to our already weak economy and harm millions of Americans who are struggling just to make ends meet. Simply put, I am not willing to put the entire American economy at risk to dismantle a law that is already crumbling before our eyes."