Illinois governor signs hiring bill for Veterans

Jul 10, 2012

The new Illinois law aims to make it easier for post 9/11 Veterans to land a job. The measure provides more tax breaks to companies who add these Veterans to their payroll.

Jay Rowell is director of the Illinois Department of Employment Security. He tells WNIJ the move is part of a larger effort to improve the job prospects of those returning from Iraq or Afghanistan.

Rowell says these job-seeking Veterans face many obstacles when trying to establish a new career. He says that includes explaining their skill set to potential employers.

"In the military, there are particular ways to phrase what your experiences are. And more and more, HR managers are not Veterans themselves" Rowell said. "They're not familiar with the jargon and terminology."

Governor Pat Quinn says the measure will double the existing tax credit up to $5,000 dollars for hiring post 9-11 veterans.