Illinois License Plates For Sale in 2014

Dec 31, 2013

Nearly a dozen new license plates will be for sale in 2014. 

Credit Secretary of State

Illinois has more than 100 specialty license plates, they cost more than a standard plate -- with a portion of the extra money usually going to the affiliated cause. From the Chicago Blackhawks, to 20 different universities, to organ donors, and the U.S. Marine Corps. New in 2014: 11 more. Including plates for Alzheimer's Awareness, Retired Law Enforcement, Illinois Nurses, and the Wild Turkey Federation. Before they'll go for sale, Secretary of State spokesman Henry Haupt says groups need to prove they have at least 1500 willing buyers:

"The threshold must be met in order for the plate to be produced,” Haupt said.

Haupt says legislators have approved specialty plates that never met that threshold so they never got made, though he couldn't say how often that's occurred.Critics say the proliferation of specialty plates make it hard for police to identify vehicles.