Illinois Official Wants Law To Crack Down On Dangerous Drivers

Sep 26, 2012

Secretary of State Jesse White says dangerous drivers in Illinois are bypassing a system meant to keep them off the roads. He says a legislative proposal would address the situation.

If you've received court supervision for a traffic violation, you're listed in a statewide database. It was set up so that judges and state's attorneys would have a full log, instead of only a local snapshot. Secretary of State Jesse White says it's helped. But, he says problems still exist.

"We have done some investigations, and we found that there are times when individuals have gotten well above 16 supervisions, despite the fact that we have the database" White said.

White wants to narrow who's legally eligible to keep a license. He says he'll push for a new law that would prohibit it for drivers involved in a fatal crash.

His proposal's supported by the parents of a Patricia McNamara, who was killed last year in McHenry County when a distracted driver crashed into her car. The driver received court supervision, a sentence McNamara's mother says is a failure of justice.