Illinois politicians and voters respond to Paul Ryan announcement

Aug 13, 2012

Politicians from both major parties offer their thoughts on Mitt Romney's choice for a running mate. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan was tapped to run for Vice President on the Republican ticket.

Pat Brady chairs the Illinois Republican party. He released this statement over the weekend:

“Congratulations to Governor Romney for his bold choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate. In selecting Congressman Ryan, Mitt Romney has shown the nation that he understands that this election is about big issues facing our future. Congressman Ryan is one of the best and brightest minds in the country and a leading voice for the economic reforms this country so badly needs.

“We anticipate the Obama Chicago Campaign Gang will immediately release its attack dogs on Congressman Ryan as he is an actual threat to their campaign of discussing anything but the badly failed presidency of Barack Obama.”

Republican Congressman Bobby Schilling (IL-17) had this to say:

"Mitt Romney made a bold choice for vice president today — Paul Ryan is a forward-thinker who understands the need to save this great nation. Ryan often points out that we have a choice between two futures, and I think that couldn't be more true here in Illinois. We have a choice between creating jobs, balancing the budget, and securing Social Security and Medicare for future generations, or we have the choice to vote for my opponent, who would proudly take Pat Quinn economics to Washington with a plan for higher taxes, higher spending, higher unemployment, and the imminent bankruptcy of Medicare."

Schilling's opponent this fall, Democrat Cheri Bustos, released this statement:

“Like my opponent, incumbent Congressman Bobby Schilling, Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan are committed to a budgeting philosophy that asks seniors, the middle class and small businesses to sacrifice, while big corporations and millionaires continue to get unfair tax breaks and other taxpayer-funded handouts.  Congressman Schilling supports Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare as we know it and asks seniors to pay $6,400 more for the care they need- a plan that is now assured to be a key issue in this election.

“Congressman Schilling and his friends in Washington need to get their priorities straight.  We need to reign in wasteful spending, but we must protect benefits like Medicare and Social Security that hard-working people across Illinois have paid a lifetime into.  Congressman Schilling, however, is marching right behind Congressman Ryan who is steadfast in his pursuit to protect the Bush tax breaks for millionaires, oil companies and companies that outsource jobs at a cost of further weakening our middle class.

“My loyalty is to working families and the middle class and I will fight for them in Congress.”

Meanwhile, Republican voter Harry Alten says so far, he's impressed with the choice. But the McHenry County farmer says he would like to hear more.

"Give me some straight answers. You know what I mean? Some positive thoughts on it, not just political rhetoric. Then I would say you’d have one heck of a good chance of winning" Alten said.
Alten is upset Congress didn’t pass a farm bill at a time when farmers are looking at small harvests due to the drought. But Alten says he still has hope for the Republican ticket. His comments were included in a story by Chicago Public Radio's Sam Hudzik.